Dezjorn International LLC is a small business conglomerate firm of several departments jointly committed to helping our clients reach their goals of branding, public relations, investing and global influence.

Our Brands

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The America in Transition event with Dezjorn Gauthier took place in the Ohio Union’s multicultural center on Friday, November 17th, 2017. (Hudson Sharrock / Ohio State University Office of Student Life)

Meet The Owner

Dezjorn Gauthier. J.M.. Hon. DD resides in Muskego. WI. USA. Graduated from Marquette University in 2013 with a degree in Criminology Law Studies and Sociology and completed Washington University School of Law (2017). He also holds a Forbes Specialist Certificate in Finance & currently enrolled at Harvard Business School Online. He is a part of the American Bar Association, U.S. Coast Guard AUX and MENTOR.

Dezjorn started modeling at just 6 months old for top children’s brands around the nation and winning national titles. He began his physical transition (female-to-male) April 2014; shortly after he was featured in the well known Barneys New York campaign featuring 17 transgender models. With international coverage Dezjorn has been featured in many articles and celebrity shoots, including walking the all transgender runway cast for high fashion designer Marco Marco & International campaign with British Vogue. Dezjorn was featured in the award winning series America In Transition by Andre Perez, and was managed by the world’s first transgender-specific agency in New York. Additionally, Dezjorn was crowned Mr. Wisconsin; being the first title holder of color and of trans-masculine experience for Enchantment US Pageantry System and Mr. Black Trans Wisconsin 2019 – 2022 for BTIPS. Today, Dezjorn has sat on panels/presented for Fortune 500 companies and top Universities in the world.

Dezjorn started his own philanthropic business in 2014 providing programs and services to effectively bring awareness to the transgender community with a special focus on transmen of color through education empowerment and inspiration. Now, Dezjorn International LLC is compiled of subsidiaries, and committed to help clients reach their goals of branding, public relations and social media influence. In 2018 Dezjorn and his wife officially opened their nonprofit The Dezjorn International Foundation Inc: which offers an annual transgender surgery fund, academic scholarships, athletics, and mentoring. Dezjorn also is the Director of Youth Engagement for the Gendercool Project and was Vice President of Point of Pride. Back in Milwaukee Dezjorn recently retired from teaching a high school level law course allowing students to learn more about the justice system, United States constitution and understanding policies. As well as is a licensed foster parent with Froedtert Children’s Hospital and father of 5 beautiful daughters.

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Personal Groomer: NOW HIRING
Personal Stylist: Les Gauthier Men’s Wear
Management: GVII Talent Management

Certifications: Social Media Management, Branding & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Lawn Care Pro, Ministry, Youth Fitness Specialist

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